A real-world framework to maximize the upside and minimize the downside.

Generating sustained revenue and growth is consistently among the most strategic challenges facing companies. Far beyond the limitations of traditional strategic planning, we apply an innovative growth-focused strategic framework as the engine for sustained enterprise value creation for our clients.

In practice, our unique integration of opportunity and risk management with strategy formulation and execution helps our clients answer their most strategic questions:

  1. “Where will our future revenue and growth come from?”
  2. “What barriers are standing in our way?”
  3. “What innovative actions can we take?”
  4. “Are we making progress?”

Strategic Services.

The demand for revenue and growth is relentless. We help our clients address this challenge by collaborating with them to explore, analyze and develop concrete strategic revenue and growth opportunities. Using highly creative workshops and deep analysis of customer jobs-to-be-done, market forces and emerging trends we work with clients extend beyond their core to develop the innovative strategies that hold the promise of enterprise value creation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Growth Strategy Formulation
  • New Market Strategy
  • Opportunity-Risk Mapping
  • Business Unit/Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategic Roadmapping
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Innovation Services.

Even the most creative business ideas can fail the value creation test. To overcome this issue, we partner with clients to convert promising ideas into new business ventures and entirely new sources of revenue and growth. Using our expertise in entrepreneurship, growth strategy and business innovation, our work is focused on changing the basis of competition and creating the structural and first-mover advantages that help our clients create sustained enterprise value.

Our expertise includes:

  • Future Growth Platforms
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Customer Innovation
  • Value Innovation
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Capability Building.

Few things are more corrosive to an organization than uncertain revenue and stalled growth. To achieve sustained value creation, companies must exploit their strengths to migrate from negative patterns to a place where growth is more accessible. We specialize in helping clients engage all levels of the organization to overcome the cultural and capability gaps that can inhibit growth, while implementing the systems and structures needed for them to continuously “get better and smarter” at value creation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Growth-focused Learning
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Alignment Blueprints
  • GrowthCloud® Subscription
Capability Building

Market Building.

The winners of the future will be those that reframe traditional markets and create entirely new ones. In this new world, becoming a thought leader is the ultimate strategy to catalyze market entry and accelerate revenue capture and growth in B2B and B2G markets. With our award-winning, execution-focused Market Building services we unleash knowledge capital and create compelling rich-media content to help clients shape, build and own the B2B and B2G growth markets of the future.

Our expertise includes:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Market Shaping Strategy
  • Content Strategy Formulation
  • Content Design & Distribution
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Customer Examples…


Exploring New Markets with Advanced Technology Innovation

Information Technology

Using Service Innovation to Drive Strategic Renewal and to Reignite Growth

Technology Services

Using a Corporate Venturing Approach to Create a New Corporate Growth Platform

Innovation and problem-solving with better tools.

Whether building new business ventures or reinventing existing ones, companies need more than talk, they need tools. Powered by a dedicated research and insights organization, we deploy a portfolio of cutting-edge tools to accelerate strategic thinking, elevate innovation and bring clarity to today’s challenging business environment.

These powerful co-design and digital tools bridge the gap between theory and practice to help our clients solve complex strategic challenges and innovate with purpose.

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Solutions to unlock the power of the Growth Enterprise.

With our unique solutions approach, we bring learning and consulting services together with purpose-built software tools to each client. Our approach is designed to progressively transfer knowledge, build consistency and provide the infrastructure needed to help our clients become self-sustaining Growth Enterprises.


What people are saying…

  • “You can look at spreadsheets and accounting software but that really doesn’t tell the story. The CRM software doesn’t tell the story. What these guys are doing is really inventing a new way to look and handle growth — through software.”

    - Executive Editor, Innovation Excellence
  • “GrowthCloud is a game changer. Its collaboration feature enables me to take advantage of emerging opportunities first, before the competition. It also allows me to make decisions today to position myself where I want to go in the future with confidence.”

    - Chief Strategy Officer, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • “Capital, raw materials and talent continue to flow to the East. We are now positioned to compete on a level playing field around the world.

    - Managing Director, Agribusiness Sector, India
  • “We need to become a competitive global player that doesn’t just utilize the best technologies, but also invents and produces them ourselves.”

    - CEO, Energy, Oil & Gas Sector, Middle East
  • “As leaders, we are responsible for demonstrating our passion so that our people recognize the importance of doings things differently to continuously add value to our customers.”

    - Healthcare Sector, United Kingdom
  • “The Growth Strategy workshops were great. It was much more than just concepts—we walked away with a plan, a budget and the tools we needed to start the growth process immediately.”

    - Regional Sales Manager, Terracotta, a Software AG Company
  • “The Growth Strategy Company helped our leadership team re-cast our growth strategies from a conventional perspective to a more aggressive stance by asking ourselves ‘who isn’t our customer and why?’. This convex-thinking allowed our team to shift our actions from incremental steps to explosive long-term growth.”

    - Chief Financial Officer, Dell Federal

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