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Executive Playbook: Revenue Planning and Execution

By now, there is near universal acknowledgement that the modern enterprise runs not just on efficient operations and cost cutting, but also on revenue performance....


CSO Survey 2014

2014 Strategic Outlook: Revenue and Growth

Rethinking revenue and growth. While it is consistently on top of the executive agenda – the proverbial “keep you up at night issue” – achieving sustainable...


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Turning the Risky Business Environment into Opportunities for Future Revenue and Growth.

Balance opportunity and risk to invest in future revenue and growth with confidence. As operational excellence and cost-cutting were the preeminent value drivers in the past,...


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Organize to Accelerate Revenue and Sustain Growth

Accelerating revenue and sustaining growth is virtually impossible without collaboration. However, many companies are designed more for top-down command and control than vertical and horizontal...


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5 Awesome Reasons To Be a Growth Enterprise

Our on-going research has revealed a discernible difference between companies that are consistently able to grow and those that do not. To adequately describe companies that are able...


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Identify Ideal Customers and The Customer of the Future.

For many companies, the existing customer base is one of the most important and valuable corporate assets. Companies look to existing customers for not only...


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The Offering – Create Unique Value and Differentiation

Companies tend to over-rely on their legacy products and services to deliver a disproportionate amount of current revenue. In these situations it can be mistakenly...


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Nike’s run on innovation to drive revenue and growth.

Nike has become one of the most iconic brands and consistent performers our time. Watch our 1.5 minute video to see how Nike innovates with empathy...


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Powering New Product Success

Converting new product uncertainty into revenue and growth. Uncertainty, structural change and complexity are here to stay. These market realities can make the most promising opportunities...


Opportunities of the Future 400x400

Where Are The Opportunities of The Future?

Identifying the potential sources of future revenue and growth. Regardless of the macro-economic situation, growth champions (senior leaders accountable for corporate revenue and growth) are being counted...


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Maximizing Future Revenue

As capital markets consistently reward companies that can confidently articulate strong growth stories, achieving future revenue objectives is consistently the most important challenge facing senior business leaders today. Based on...


The Strategic Imperative For New Products E-book Cover 400x240

The Strategic Imperative for New Products

A Business Case for Capturing Opportunities of the Future Finding the right balance between launching successful new products and maximizing legacy products is a key strategic issue...


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GrowthThinking® Book Preview

GrowthThinking®: Building the New Growth Enterprise was written for companies that are facing the demand to reaccelerate growth and also those that may be successful today but...


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Where Will Our Future Enterprise Value Come From?

Enterprise Value: The Business Case For Growth. Enterprise value creation is consistently listed as the most urgent issue on the executive agenda. Some companies turn to marketing...


The Practitioners Guide to Revenue Planning and Execution 400x240

The Practitioner’s Guide to Revenue Planning & Execution

Bring Revenue and Growth Into The 21st Century Until now, the approaches and tools needed for modern growth champions to consistently and seriously address strategic revenue...



[ABERDEEN RESEARCH] What Best-in-Class Companies Are Doing for Revenue and Growth.

Successful business leaders focus on building a portfolio of medium to long-term revenue and growth opportunities. Sales and marketing are mature downstream functions that are automated...


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Is Your Business Model Letting You Down?

Finding the business model sweet spot can help companies generate both incremental revenue from optimizing existing offerings and transformational growth from generating entirely new offerings....


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GrowthThinking: Building the New Growth Enterprise

In the new normal environment of economic displacement, uncertainty, structural change and complexity, one thing is clear: revenue and growth cannot be left to chance. However,...


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A Conversation About Growth: SAP

Exclusive interview with SAP on their Growth Strategy The German business software company, SAP, has experienced exponential growth since five system analysts first established it in...


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Build “Next Generation Platforms”

Next Generation Platforms can set the foundation for highly scalable revenue and growth. A well-executed platform strategy can drive lower costs, faster ramp-up and multiple...


Growth Strategy video 400x240

In Search of Growth Strategy

The Growth Imperative     At the end of the day, revenue and growth are every company’s most important objectives and most important challenges.  According to...


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Globalize your business

Having a strong global market entry and access strategy requires commitment of time, resources, structure, and a willingness to be flexible to adapt your offerings and...


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KFC’s Winning Recipe In China: “Go Global, Act Local”

The Yum! Brands US-based company KFC is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the nation and has had significant market share growth outside...

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