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CSO Survey 2014

2014 Strategic Outlook: Revenue and Growth

Rethinking revenue and growth.While it is consistently on top of the executive agenda – the proverbial “keep you up at night issue” – achieving sustainable...


Tactical Revenue and Growth Illustration 400x400

Myth #4 About Revenue and Growth

Growth Is Tactical. Many companies view their revenue and growth exclusively as a function of their marketing mix and sales force. Unfortunately, marketing campaigns and sales activities...


10+Trends+Revenue+Growth 400x490jpg

10 Trends That Enable Your Pursuit of Revenue & Growth

Is It Time to Get Better at Revenue and Growth?Let’s face it, in this age of accessible, powerful and inexpensive technology, paper-based annual strategic planning and management consulting...


Getting Strategy Into the Revenue Game Funnel 250x250

[Best Practice Note] Getting Strategy Into The Revenue Game

To create value in the 21st Century and speak the language that CEOs, CFOs, Boards and Shareholders really care about, Modern Strategists must link strategy directly to future...


Threat #1 to Revenue and Growth

Threat #1 to Revenue & Growth

End of the Status Quo: Can We Compete in the New Norm?Many companies were able to exist under the “rising tide lifts all boats” model of global...


Caterpillar 400x240

[VIDEO] Caterpillar’s Fast Track to Sustainable Growth

With a new strategic rationale that emphasized high-growth markets, Caterpillar used market attractiveness, first-mover advantage and competitive preemption to drive strategic decisions and its global...

StubHub Bets on ‘All-In’ Pricing Strategy, Sees Growth

April 10, 2014

“We have been experimenting with fees for over a year. A one-fee-fits-all is an antiquated model that no longer works,” StubHub’s Global Head of Communications...

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PowerPak_Browse 400x240

[Interactive Tool] The Growth Strategy PowerPak

Download:Growth Strategy Powerpak Growth Strategy Grid Growth Strategy VideoAs we presented in the Growth Strategy video, growth is consistently every company’s most important objective and most important challenge. ...



GrowthCloud® – The Enterprise Platform For Revenue and Growth

GrowthCloud® is the enterprise SaaS platform that is purpose-built to drive strategic (medium to long-term) revenue and growth. Modern strategists now have a new and...

P&G selling pet food brands to Mars for $2.9 billion

April 11, 2014

Procter & Gamble is crying uncle on the edible business so it can focus on its core brands like Tide detergent and Pampers diapers....


GrowthThinking Book 255x153

GrowthThinking® Book Preview

GrowthThinking®: Building the New Growth Enterprise was written for companies that are facing the demand to reaccelerate growth and also those that may be successful today but...

[Video] Michael Kors Takes On European Luxury

April 4, 2014

Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Michael Kors’ growth strategy and how the company is stealing market share and store fronts in London and outpacing his...


Enterprise Value Infographic 400x490

Where Will Our Future Enterprise Value Come From?

Enterprise Value: The Business Case For Growth.Enterprise value creation is consistently listed as the most urgent issue on the executive agenda. Some companies turn to marketing...

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The Definitive Guide to Strategy Automation cover 400x240

The Definitive Guide to Strategy Automation

Bring Strategy Into The 21st CenturyUntil now, the approaches and tools needed for strategists to consistently and seriously address strategic growth have been virtually non-existent....



Opportunity #1 for Revenue & Growth: Turn Panic Into Profit by Launching New Ventures.

Can new environments create openings for new market entrants?Procter & Gamble used The Panic of 1837 to combine its candle and soap-making businesses to form a household...

Deep Thoughts on The Next Gen Traveler, By Marriott

March 27, 2014

Millennials like Jia define “Service” as “Personalization” and they report far more willingness than older generations to allow access to their personal data when they...


Sign No. 5 Illustration

[SIGN #5] It’s Time to Bring Strategy Into the 21st Century.

When Your Best Strategic Thinking is on "Sticky Notes"...Strategy automation organizes, stores and provides access control to secure your most important strategic thinking in one...


The Practical Guide to Growth Strategy, white 400x240

The Practical Guide to Growth Strategy

The insights and best practices within The Practical Guide to Growth Strategy has equal application for companies that are facing demands to reaccelerate growth and for those that...


Nokia and Microsoft

[CASE STUDY] The Psychology of Growth: Lessons from Nokia

 What lessons can growth strategists take from Nokia? The month of September 2013 will go down as one of the most significant single months in the...

Lloyds Banking Group touts a corporate future driven by customer insights

April 10, 2014

"The future is about using customers as the starting point. From there, you can determine the business response and get the right outcome."...

Salesforce Continues To Target Revenue Growth With “New Industries Strategy”

April 10, 2014

Cloud customer relationship management leader Salesforce announced a new strategy on April 2 to individualize offerings across industry verticals to accelerate top line growth for the...


5 Theats to Business Growth Cover 400x240

5 Threats to Business Growth

This new business environment can be defined by three terms—uncertainty, structural change and complexity. As companies find themselves in these difficult and unfamiliar circumstances, the need for...


The Modern Architecture for Revenue Growth

[ABERDEEN RESEARCH] What Best-in-Class Companies Are Doing for Revenue and Growth.

Successful business leaders focus on building a portfolio of medium to long-term revenue and growth opportunities.Sales and marketing are mature functions that are automated in...

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Cartoon Book Revenue and Growth Cover 400x250

10 Signs That It’s Time to Generate Revenue & Growth for the 21st Century.

In this guide, we present 10 signs that might get you thinking about driving revenue and growth efforts for your company. Although we are somewhat...

German carrier announces long-term growth goals

April 4, 2014

Germany's biggest courier and postal services company, Deutsche Post DHL, has just announced a new medium-term business strategy which will see it focus on increasing...

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Tata Motors 400x240

[VIDEO] Value Innovation Strategy by Tata Motors

With a vision to create the world’s cheapest car, the Nano, Tata disrupted the transportation market in India.  With a price dramatically below conventional cars,...


Evolution to the Growth Strategist

Part 1/3: Unleash Your Inner Growth Strategist Infographic Series

Evolution to the Growth Strategist While corporate approaches to strategic growth have changed over time, the Strategist role within corporations has continued to evolve as well....


GrowthToon- Design Unique Combinations 400x400

Design Unique Combinations

Companies don’t have to design a whole new product or service to be innovative or competitive. Combining the highest value features of existing products can...


5 Myths About Revenue and Growth 400x240

5 Myths About Revenue and Growth

Growth-focused companies dispel the many myths associated with growth by focusing on the factors that really determine revenue and growth. Left unchecked, these myths, and the...


Customer Innovation.jpg

Are You Creating Enough Value for Your Customers?

Companies can drive revenue and growth by continuously providing new value propositions and offerings that stimulate and motivate existing and new customers alike. To address...

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Growth Strategist Part 2

Part 2/3: Unleash Your Inner Growth Strategist Infographic Series

Introducing the Growth Strategist The modern business environment has created the need for dedicated Growth Strategists within organizations. With a daily focus on corporate entrepreneurship, growth strategy and business...

DuPont Leader Outlines Growth Strategy for Seed Business

March 12, 2014

DuPont Pioneer plays a key role in DuPont's plan to build a higher growth, higher value company, particularly the company's strategic focus on extending its leadership...

Volvo Group introduces UD buses

March 19, 2014

The Volvo Group takes an important strategic step with the introduction of a UD bus range developed specifically for growth markets.  UD buses have had...

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Growth Strategist Part 3, tile

Part 3/3: Unleash Your Inner Growth Strategist Infographic Series

A Day in the Life of a Growth Strategist The success or failure of an organization depends on its ability to consistently create enterprise value. In...


PrayingGuyIllustration 400x400 V2

[CASE STUDY] Is Your Business Model Letting You Down?

Finding the business model sweet spot can help companies generate both incremental growth from optimizing existing offerings and transformational growth from generating entirely new offerings....


GrowthToon - Design With Empathy 255x255

Design with Empathy

The ability to put ourselves in our customers‘ shoes is key to recognizing, sharing and experiencing their emotions. Being empathetic to your customers‘ frustrations and...

Singapore Airlines’ branding of its low-cost carrier

March 26, 2014

Competing on price was not an option for Singapore Airlines.  The group decided to develop a low-cost airline for the medium- to long-haul category. This separate...


Who is reponsible for growth? 400x490

Who is Responsible for Growth?

The Chief Growth Officer (CGO) role offers companies the focused, consistent leadership needed to facilitate the cultural changes necessary to achieve strategic growth outcomes and...


GrowthToon- Differentiate from the Competition 255x255

Differentiate from the Competition

Companies that compete in the same markets have a tendency to become very similar over time, making it difficult for customers and potential customers to...

‘Hot’ Money’s Fast Exit Cools Emerging Markets

February 19, 2014

Capital flight from emerging markets has been accelerating in recent weeks ($6 billion alone in the week ending February 5). Turkey is the poster child,...


GrowthThinking video 255x153

GrowthThinking: Building the New Growth Enterprise

In the new normal environment of economic displacement, uncertainty, structural change and complexity, one thing is clear: revenue and growth cannot be left to chance.However,...

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SAP-Logo 255x153 V2

A Conversation About Growth: SAP

Exclusive interview with SAP on their Growth StrategyThe German business software company, SAP, has experienced exponential growth since five system analysts first established it in...

Bulova Introduces Co-Branded Timepiece Collection as Part of Global Partnership with Manchester United

March 26, 2014

CO-BRAND YOUR OFFERING TO CREATE NEW VALUE PROPOSITIONS. “These special-edition Manchester United styles reinforce our reputation as a dynamic force in contemporary timekeeping, and...

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CSO eBook 255x153

2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey Results

The Innovation Enterprise, an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused in the information needs of Senior Executives, and The Growth Strategy Co., the leading...


CSO Survey Part 1 400x490

2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey Results – Part 1

Part 1/4: What is Your Strategic Growth Outlook? The Innovation Enterprise, an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Executives,...


Design Innovation Image grey 400x400 V2

[CASE STUDY] Can “Good Design” Eliminate Competition?

Design is a multi-disciplinary process for using human empathy and emotion as the context for engineering products, services and experiences. Our research and fieldwork with...

Cadillac announces growth strategy for Europe

March 6, 2014

A Service Innovation Centric Growth Strategy.  Cadillac plans to achieve distinguished brand positioning with a strong focus on excellent customer service; and establish a dedicated European...


GrowthToon- Build “Next Generation Platforms” 400x400

Build “Next Generation Platforms”

Next Generation Platforms can set the foundation for highly scalable business growth. A well-executed platform strategy can drive lower costs, faster ramp-up and multiple opportunities...


Patents vs Growth 400x490

Do investments in IP rights generate growth?

A company’s future growth potential is a function of the alignment of a company’s assets relative to future growth opportunities. Along with intangible assets such...


Growth Strategy video 400x240

In Search of Growth Strategy

In 2010 we launched a comprehensive research initiative to explore how companies, globally, were addressing revenue and growth within their organizations.  In our data collection,...

Rayonier Hires Frank Ruperto to Lead Performance Fibers Growth Strategy

March 17, 2014

Rayonier (NYSE:RYN) announced today that Frank A. Ruperto is joining the company as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Planning, effective March 31, to...

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CSO Survey Part 2 400x490

2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey-Part 2

Part 2/4: Are You Organized for Strategic Growth?The Innovation Enterprise, an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Executives,...


Principle 16 icon 400x400 V3

Organize for Strategic Growth

Achieving and sustaining business growth is virtually impossible without collaboration. However, many companies are designed more for top-down command and control than vertical and horizontal...

Unpacking Lego: how the Danish firm became the world’s hottest toy company.

March 19, 2014

The toymaker has enjoyed ten years of spectacular growth, almost quadrupling its revenue. In 2012 it overtook Hasbro to become the world’s second-largest toymaker. The...

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CSO Survey Part 3 400x490

2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey–Part 3

Are Your Strategic Growth Responsibilities Balanced?The Innovation Enterprise, an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Executives, and The...

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Drone video 400x240

Do Drones Hold the Key to Solving our Healthcare and Deficit Woes?

The feature cover story for this month’s issue of Time Magazine is “Rise of the Drones” and explores the “enormously powerful, disruptive technology” as a...

Honeywell Outlines Global Growth Strategy and Introduces 2018 Targets

March 19, 2014

Honeywell will hold its annual investor conference in New York City today to outline its new five-year targets (2014-2018) and discuss its continued outperformance and...

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CSO Survey Part 4 400x490

2013 Chief Strategy Officer Survey-Part 4

Who is accountable for strategic growth?The Innovation Enterprise, an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Executives, and The...


Service Innovation 400x400 V2

Do Your Services Bring Enough Value to Your Customers?

To keep up with the undeniable shift away from product driven economies to service-based economies, companies must quickly and strategically refocus their offerings and value...


GrowthToon-Globalize your Business 400x400

Globalize your business

Having a strong global market entry and access strategy requires commitment of time, resources, structure, and a willingness to be flexible to adapt your offerings and...

Mindshare appoints Wendy Walker as Regional Chief Growth Officer

February 19, 2014

Walker brings over 20 years of marketing experience. As Chief Growth Officer – APAC, she will work with the leadership team in the region to...


GrowthToon- Think Globally, Act Locally 400x400

Think Globally, Act Locally

When developing a global strategy, don’t underestimate the importance of knowing your customer and the culture of your target market. Apart from understanding the general...


KFC 255x255

KFC’s Winning Recipe In China: “Go Global, Act Local”

The Yum! Brands US-based company KFC is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the nation and has had significant market share growth outside...


Man in Car Cartoon 400x400

Innovation versus Product Development

Since the inception of the automobile industry, product features and functions were thought to be the primary determinants for customer buying decisions. Indeed, many automobile...

Diageo selects TCS as strategic partner

February 20, 2014

TCS will manage Diageo's global IT infrastructure, data centres and servers, in addition to providing service desk support to employees....

KLM introduces Twitter and Facebook payment methods

February 13, 2014

Be Easy To Do Business With. KLM’s customers are now able to pay for flights using Facebook and Twitter, the Dutch airline has confirmed....


ManOnUpwardSpiralArrow 400x400 V3

Make Someone Accountable for Strategic Growth

The axiom that “everyone is responsible, therefore no one is accountable” indicates that no one is really accountable for sustainable business growth. Implementing and adopting...

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