The Enterprise Platform for
Revenue, Growth and
Value Creation

Senior business leaders now have a unique blend of capabilities that help them answer the 4 critical questions being asked in the C-Suite:

  1. "Where will our future revenue and growth come from?"
  2. "What are the barriers that might prevent us from capturing that revenue and growth?"
  3. "What action can we take to maximize the upside and minimize the downside?"
  4. "How are we progressing against those actions?"
GrowthCloud Disc

GrowthCloud Applications

Opportunity and Risk Management Generate portfolios of realistic revenue and growth opportunities.

For the first time, strategy can come to life by balancing specific revenue and growth opportunities against the risks that may inhibit their realization. With powerful enterprise views, strategists can now quantify opportunities and risks, in financial terms, to consistently articulate where future revenue, growth and value will be created. Unique risk models, dynamic relationships and drill-downs bring the visibility needed to make better strategic decisions, prioritize resources more effectively and allocate capital more efficiently leading to revenue and growth pipelines that are more strategic, bigger and of higher-quality.

Strategy Formulation and Execution Identify, align, and manage strategic action over multiple time horizons.

Strategic outcomes don't happen by chance. Companies must take specific action to maximize their upside potential and minimize their downside exposure to risks. From enterprise and execution-level views, strategists can now build the specific strategic initiatives and risk mitigations needed to ensure revenue, growth and value creation outcomes. Drill downs to monitor specific execution-level activities, milestones and status points create integrated roadmaps that close the gap between strategy formulation and strategy execution and allow companies to invest in future revenue and growth with confidence.

GrowthCloud Benefits

Generate growth opportunities that cover short, medium and long term time horizons.
Identify, maximize and monetize underutilized tangible and intangible assets.
Apply new growth-focused metrics to improve prospects and manage risks.
Improve customer targeting by pinpointing unsaturated markets and under-subscribed customers.
Prototype, test and consistently assess new concepts, business models and strategies.
Take advantage of emerging shifts and trends faster than the competition.
Know your competitors and change the basis of competition in your favor.
Upgrade the growth-focused knowledge skills and abilities of your organization.
Enhance the value proposition of products, services and experiences.

Platform Features

System of Record Make business growth more accessible with better information.

Capturing and organizing revenue and growth-focused information with Profile builders and Intelligent Profiles helps companies establish a shared business context, a standardized strategic vocabulary and easy-to-use best practices templates.

Visual Catalogues within GrowthCloud promote deeper collaboration and a shared "worldview"" by establishing a common visual language, consistent content structure and a single source to store and retrieve revenue and growth-focused information.

Growth Analytics Point and click to turn raw information into visual intelligence.

Built-in, easy-to-use visualizations, embedded metrics and multi-level reporting allow companies to do drill-downs and true "apples to apples" comparisons so that preemptive action can be taken on the underlying factors that really drive revenue and growth.

The science that underpins GrowthCloud is based on extensive research and best practices. With a set of new strategic lenses, companies can visualize opportunities over multiple time horizons and generate the fresh insights needed to turn gaps, patterns and dislocations into actionable strategies and opportunities

System of Engagement Continuously "get better" and "get smarter" at revenue and growth.

Social workflow and organizational learning powered by rich-media content sparks context-rich conversations and connects strategists, marketers, product developers and risk other growth practitioners to join forces in the pursuit of sustainable revenue and growth.

Get a broader perspective by selectively and securely surveying customers, partners and other stakeholders to challenge legacy assumptions, testing and capture new ideas and focus problem-solving.

Strategic Intelligence Real-Time and at the speed of modern business.

GrowthCloud powered by BloombergBNA® unifies strategy formulation and execution with real-time strategic intelligence to help companies operate at the pace of modern business. This unique capability:

  • Provides real-time information about companies, markets and competitors from Bloomberg, the Web and over 20,000 additional sources.
  • Equips strategists to gain new business insights, share those insights and take action on them in real-time.

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